Audiences are invited to face witches in an underground car park, drink and feast with the Macbeths as the siege rages around them and then take a restful sleep on the 27th floor in this fully immersive production set in and inspired by a brutalist architectural masterpiece in East London.

Performed overnight form 8pm until 8am, RIFT create a fevered festival-like dream of characters sleepwalking through walls, confiding plots and conspiring murder in this lively and ambitious retelling of Shakespeare’s Scottish play. A visceral experience, the performance will envelop its environs to create a world floating between dystopia and utopia; waking and sleeping, with an extraordinary view over the city at sunrise the following morning.

Brutalist architecture was designed in the 1960s as a vision of utopia after torrid wars but has become a symbol of dystopia in much of popular culture. Spawned from the modernist architecture movement, these grey concrete monoliths now stand uncompromising against the landscape of London (and indeed around the world) and are characterised by their blockish form, angular geometrics and fortress like appearance.

Year : 2014