Lockwood & Co.

It’s time to go ghost hunting, as Lockwood & Co is set for release very soon.

The Netflix fantasy series, based on Jonathan Stroud’s hit novels, shows the world ravaged by large-scale hauntings which are simply known as “the problem”.

Lockwood & Co, run by Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) is London’s newest ghost-hunting agency and, along with best pal George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) and the psychically gifted Lucy Carlyle (Bridgerton’s Ruby Stokes), he’s forced to take on dangerous investigations beyond his wildest dreams (or nightmares).

Created by Joe Cornish, the series will consist of eight episodes – and while it’s been a long wait, after the rights to the books were first sold in 2017.

Credit : Set Designer / Draughtsperson
Year : 2021
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