If Room Enough

WithWings theatre company transports their audience across an unknown sea into a world where a 400 year old play: Shakespeare’s The Tempest, can be played with.

Prospero and Miranda live a confined existence in an unpredictable beach hut. The Island they call theirs is full of noises; it breathes live, original, infectious music. It will fill your heart and bones as those who love – fall in and out of cupboards, those who grieve – are suspended in sleep, those who made mistakes – are instructed to pedal incessantly to power electricity, and those who drink – will dance. Dynamic ensemble withWings use the original text, invigorating movement, resonant images and locate magic in the everyday. Nine characters explore a space and the rights to people and places and freedom. Thought is free. This is The Tempest as you have not seen it before; embark on this hour long journey and let withWings immerse you in such stuff as dreams are made on.